Mirek Giersz

Mirek Giersz photo

Associate Professor at the Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center in Warsaw (home page).

Main scientific interests: stellar system dynamics; globular clusters; numerical simulations.

Arkadiusz Hypki

Arkadiusz Hypki photo

Postdoctoral Research Associate at Leiden Observatory (home page).

Main scientific interests: dynamics of star clusters, Gaia mission, High Performance Computing, distributed data analysis and visualization.

Douglas C. Heggie

Douglas Heggie photo

Professor Emeritus of the University of Edinburgh (home page)

Main scientific interests: classical gravitational N-body problem, especially applications to the computer simulation; dynamical evolution of globular star clusters.

Rainer Spurzem

Rainer Spurzem photo

CAS Visiting Professor, Senior International Scientists Professor at Heidelberg University (on partial leave, home page)

Main scientific interests: stellar dynamics; star clusters; black holes; galactic nuclei; gravitational waves; many core supercomputing and parallel programming.

Abbas Askar

Abbas Askar photo

Diogo Teixeira Belloni